Dishwasher Repair

The dishwasher is one of the most convenient appliances out there. Instead of spending hours scrubbing dirty dishes by hand, you just scrape off the excess food, stick the dishes in the machine and let it do the rest for you.

However, when dishwashers start to malfunction, it can be a frustrating experience. Thankfully, Paul’s Appliance Repair is here to help, especially if you live in Cicero.

Here are a few things that have been known to go wrong with dishwashers.


Dishes Don’t Clean

Dishes might not clean properly if you are not scraping excess food off or if you are overloading the machine. If you still get dirty dishes after solving the above issues, then something is not right.


No Power

Listen when you are turning on the machine. Humming indicates that the motor is defective. If you do not hear any sound at all, unplug the machine and call us.


Not Filling Enough

The dishwasher won’t fill unless the door is closed properly. This is to prevent you from getting splashed with copious amounts of hot water. If the door is properly closed and the machine won’t start, then you need to call a repair service.


Dishwasher Fills Too Much

This could be due to a defective float switch or timer. The inlet valve might also need servicing.


Water Won’t Drain

The drain or filter is usually clogged in cases like these. Clean these out and look into getting the filter replaced. If that doesn’t change things, then call us and we’ll come have a look.



This depends on how often the leaks happen. If you overload the machine once and it leaks, that’s nothing to worry about. If this is occurring on a regular basis, then you need to get it checked out.


Door Won’t Close

Unless the door is properly closed, the machine won’t start. Something may have gotten nudged out of line or the door latch may be worn out. Call us and we can try to repair the issue.


Excessive Noise

If you hear any grinding or knocking sounds coming from the dishwasher, then that is never a good sign. We recommend that you turn off the machine and give us a call. We’ll come and figure out what’s causing the noise.


Call the #1 Appliance Repair Company in Cicero, Illinois

You want a professional to assist you if your appliances are giving you trouble, especially those that use water.

If you attempt any self-repairs, you could risk causing more damage to the machine or put yourself at risk of electrocution.

Call us about any appliance needs today and we’ll make sure to come fix the problem at an affordable price.