Freezer Repair

Freezers are essential for meal prep and general preservation of food items. That’s why, if it ever breaks down, it can be a stressful experience. Call us and we will send a technician over to your home to check out your appliance.


Things That Can Go Wrong


Noisy Freezer

Banging or knocking sounds are not normal sounds for a freezer to make. Give us a call because the evaporator coil may need to be serviced.


Frost Accumulation

The temperature may be too low. Anything under 0 degrees Fahrenheit can lead to frost build-up.

Also, observe where the frost is accumulating. If it’s by the door, then the gaskets may need replacing or the door may simply not have been closed properly. The defrost heater may also need servicing.

Any frost accumulating towards the back of the appliance means that the defrost cycle needs to be looked at.


Water Pooling

This can be attributed to a few things: a leaky valve, too much condensation or a leaking line. If this happens once, then it’s nothing to be worried about. However, if this happens regularly, call us so we can have a look.


Freezer Not Working

You need to check if the freezer is receiving enough power. If the displays and power lights are on, but the power isn’t working, then close the freezer and give us a call.

Here’s a basic electricity check that you can perform:

  • Is the unit plugged in properly?
  • Is the electrical outlet turned on?
  • Is the outlet working?

If that doesn’t solve anything, then the controls may be defective. Call us because this is a very easy fix.


Temperature Is Too Low

This can be fixed quite easily. If the thermostat is higher than 0 degrees Fahrenheit, then food won’t be preserved properly.

You may also have packed too much food into the freezer. This inhibits air from circulating. The vents may also be blocked, which makes the problem worse. However, if the freezer is too empty, it doesn’t solve anything because the cold won’t stay in as efficiently. You should aim to pack your freezer between 75 and 85 percent. Also, pack the items from the center outward so that the vents don’t get blocked.

If that doesn’t change anything, then it’s time to call in the professionals.


Call Us

Don’t play “eenie-meenie-miny-mo” to figure out what’s wrong with your freezer. Give us a call and we’ll come restore your freezer to its working order in no time.