Ice Maker Repair

There is nothing better than an ice-cold drink on a sweltering summer day. If your ice maker starts to malfunction, then the brutal heat can become that much more unbearable. But don’t panic and run out to buy a new ice maker. You don’t need to waste your money when you can just call Paul’s Appliance Repair. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience to carry out efficient repairs on your household appliances.


Common Problems You May Encounter with Your Ice Maker

Ice makers are relatively simple appliances to fix. However, it helps to have some basic knowledge about how they work. We don’t recommend that you attempt any DIY repairs, but there are a few things that you can do on your own.


Ice Maker on Pause

Check if the bin is too full or if the buttons have been tampered with.


Control Arm

Check if your brand comes with a controllable arm. It moves as the ice bin fills. Once the bin is full, the arm is nudged out of place and pauses the machine. Before calling us, make sure that the adjustable arm hasn’t been misaligned.


Lower Temperature Than Normal

If the temperature is too low, then the water will freeze before it reaches the ice mold. Make sure that the ice maker is at the accurate temperature.


Blocked Filter

You should check your owner’s manual to see how often you should check the filter. This helps lower the amount of problems you might face. Also, check for blockages in the waterline




A Malfunctioning Valve

If a valve is not working properly, then it could lead to blockages or frozen lines. This is a repair best left to the professionals.


Frozen Line

There are two ways to solve this issue. First, turn off the power and water, and give the line the change to defrost. You can expedite the process by using a hairdryer set to low heat. If you choose this option, make sure that the hair dryer does not get into contact with the water.

Afterward, turn everything back on. Call us if things don’t go back to normal.


Low Ice Production

In ninety percent of cases, the line is either blocked or beginning to freeze. Follow the above steps to fix this.



This may be due to the appliance not being level, especially if the ice maker was recently moved. The water supply line may have also become broken or restricted. It’s best to call in a professional repair service.


Call Us

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