Oven Repair

Ovens break down at the crucial moment when you are about to bake a batch of cookies or put in a roast for the family dinner. There is no need to panic. If you live in Cicero, then call Paul’s Appliance Repair. We will get over to your house as soon as possible and solve any issues with your stove, oven, range or cooktop.


Why Call Us?

You shouldn’t attempt to solve these issues on your own. If it is a simple issue, such as cleaning out the burner, then there’s nothing to worry. However, if it’s an issue with the internal components, then you should not attempt DIY.

Here are some issues that you may face.


Oven Won’t Heat Up

You need to first check if the oven is receiving any power. The digital readouts, clock or power light should be on if this is the case. If the power is on, but the oven still won’t heat up, then call us.


Temperature Inconsistences

All ovens are different and have spots within the appliance that are warmer than others. You will have to do some trial and error experiments to find what temperatures and tiers work best for your cooking.

However, if you can’t reach the right temperature no matter what you do, then the thermostat, element or sensor is malfunctioning. Call us and we will troubleshoot the issue. We can even explain how to recalibrate the appliance.


Door Won’t Close

This depends on how badly the door closes. If the door won’t even cross the halfway point, then the oven is useless. If there is a small gap, you can still use the oven, but only in the short term. The internal temperature is going to be compromised and you may have to cook for longer. It will also waste electricity and energy, which will end up costing you more.

This is usually an issue with the gasket, springs or hinges that help to close the door. If all of these are fine, then the sensor that tells the oven that the door is closed may be faulty. Give us a call and we can figure out the issue.


We often come across these problems when we deal with ovens. Give us a call and we can guarantee that we will get the job done the first time and at an affordable price.