Washer / Dryer Repair

Washers and dryers are priceless household appliances that make doing the laundry 100% easier. When they start to malfunction, then you need a professional to save you from your growing pile of laundry. Paul’s Appliance Repair has the knowledge and expertise to get your washer and dryer back on track.


Basic Maintenance Tips

To keep a washer and dryer in working order, you need to perform basic maintenance. It is worthwhile to perform these tasks once or twice a year:

  • Clean out the drain filter: You should be performing this task every two weeks or, at the very least, every month.
  • Remove excess lint: Most machines will let you know if you need to clean out the lint. We recommend that you perform this task every week.
  • Thoroughly clean the machine: Water, detergent, and dirt build up over time and can lead to smelly clothes. To solve this, simply run a hot cycle while the machine is empty.

Common Issues with a Washer and Dryer


Washer Won’t Drain Properly

Check to see if the drain outlet is blocked. If the drain is clear, then it’s best to give us a call.


Strange Sounds

Unusual sounds are a clear sign that your washing machine needs repairing. The only exception to this is if you’ve tossed in bulky items, such as sneakers.


Stops Half-Way Through the Cycle

This could be due to a timer that’s worn out. However, it could be a variety of other issues. You need to get your washer checked out by a professional repair service.